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During the past decade, Eduardo have been working in both public and private contexts, leading programs to promote diversity comprehension, social change, community empowerment and collective innovation. He worked with one of the most influential national school-based conflict resolution intervention in his country (“Aulas en Paz” which translates to “Classrooms in peace”), very early in his professional career. He traveled across different regions of Colombia training teachers and school counselors in conflict resolution tactics and collecting data to design and test a “bottom up” program for lowering the levels of aggression in adolescents and children. From that moment on, he has been working in the psychological and social sciences professional fields, as a consultant, both with adults and youth.

CV: Welcome


CV: About



B.A. Civil Engineer
Universidad de los Andes.
Bogotá, Colombia



B.A. Industrial Engineer
Universidad de los Andes.
Bogotá, Colombia


M.A. Process Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies.

Process Work Institute.

Oregon, USA



M.S. Psychology.

Florida International University. Florida, USA


Profesional Development

CV: About


Eduardo co-founded what will become one of the most important summer camps enhancing Positive Youth Development in Colombia (Portonaito-Piragua Camp).



Eduardo worked at the program "Aulas en Paz" co-designing and implementing the teacher's training and the regional model. This evidenced based program develops socio emotional skills in children among public schools in Colombia.


Eduardo founded a consulting firm on human development and conflict resolution (Kairos) which worked with universities, NGOs, the government and corporations. He also founded a prominent cultural diversity summer camp (Encuentro de los Mundos).


Eduardo led various programs at Origen Leadership School. He co-designed and implemented those programs in various regions of Colombia. 


Eduardo entered the doctoral program in the department of psychology in the area of developmental sciences at Florida International University. He works at the Health Disparities and Cultural Identities Laboratory. 


Eduardo De la Vega T.

Florida International University

11200 SW 8Th Street, 33199



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