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Eduardo intends to examine the intersections between identity development and psychological well-being related to diverse populations and within high conflict settings. He is interested in addressing the complexity of social divergences with a multi-level perspective, using interdisciplinary approaches. Eduardo's goal is to develop a program of research that integrates his emerging knowledge about network sciences and dynamic systems to bring a deeper understanding of the ecological structure that contributes to social inequalities and their correlated health determinants. He is currently focusing on the factors that promote safe spaces among adolescents in high violent settings, such as organized youth groups (sports and arts programs). For example, he investigates parents' perceptions of sports and child development in South Florida to inform service providers in the region. 

Research: About


Research: About

Adolescents Violence in Rural Colombia: A Social Complexity Approach (Under review)


Safe Spaces Among Adolescents in Rural Colombia (Under review)

Soccer Player

Sports and Child Development in South Florida (Initiating)

Geometric Objects

Causal Loop Diagram on Perception of Violence Among Adolescents (Work in progress)

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