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Preparing for the Sports and Children Development Project in South Florida

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Abundant literature had shown the benefits of afterschool programs and the influence of family engagement in their effectiveness (Stead, R., & Nevil, M., 2010, Frazier et al., 2007, Mahoney et al., 2007). Nevertheless, lack of participation remains to be a challenge for those programs. For example, in a research conducted in 94 cities in the US, only 35% percentage of children in need for after-school programs were enrolled in at least one of them (Cornelli Sanderson & Richards, 2010; US Conference of Mayors 2003). To understand this challenge, Cornelli Sanderson and Richards (2010) conducted a research in a Midwestern City of the US and found that to increase participation and attendance rates, community after-school programs need to address the following barriers to participation: safety, transportation, family responsibilities (e.g., care for siblings, household chores), and access to information about available programs. Given the cultural and ethnic diversity in South Florida, barriers for participation and family engagement for after school sports programs may differ for the barriers found in the midwest. Thus, the current study will be able to find how those barriers are relevant or not in the context of South Florida..

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